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Forgotten Beholder - text

All I see is the reality, I believe my eyes.
I’m here without force to live, maybe I’m ill.
I don’t know who you are, but you’ll save my soul.
Look at me and tell me what to do.
If you save me, you’ll have me. Forever together.
Oh my dear you think this is a world
that inflicts pain and fear.
There’s one thing that you need to know,
don’t tell it to anyone.
You will shatter your reality
but then you will dream your return.
Now we have to go. You close your eyes.
In shadow of darkness I’ll see your world.
Forgotten beholder, nobody is calling my name.
I have lost the time, the moon and my mind.
I feel the unconsciousness. The existence vanishes.
I don’t see sky nor ground. I could fly.
All around is so strange and dark.
I would find my light, to fight against the lies,
but evil is too strong for me.
We are in another place,
different from what you know.
Few people have been here because
who comes here doesn’t return.
A dimension unthinkable, where I live alone.
Without end and beginning. Perpetual ice.

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Forgotten Beholder

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