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The hope for love that first seemed impossible was winning, now.
Even the greatest enemy can be defeated, trusting until the end.

Finally darkness fades, we're free to live our lives
The evil that once broke our dream is now defeated
We're reaching our land on waves of enchanted sea
No more tears, we're gonna live forever free
I want to take my time, I want to touch the sky
You'll never ever have to mind 'bout anything
for us now sun does shine, Etherna blesses our lives
no more tears, we're gonna live forever free
Eternal life, is by your side,
land of immortality lets every fear die
eternal life, past is just gone by
peaceful land of woods, rocks, enchanted sea
Now in these waves you will find the key of time
Drink and you will survive
from the water a light begins to shine
every fear is now past
Eternal life...

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