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Dreaming of Better Days - text

Lies, I don't want to believe in your lies
I don't want to waste my cries
I don't want to fake it
I don't want to see your face no more!
Life, I have been lonely for a life
Water and sand my only friends
My desires and secrets gathered only by the wind
In my dreams I longed for better days
Still see chains my wings can't fly away
Great blue expanse reflects in my eyes
Will be the distance that divides me from my happiness?
Ride his steed in darkest night
Waves open passage for him
New richness on the horizon
But destiny's reserved a greater prize
Vesna turn your eyes on him
That deep blue has entrapped your soul
And make it free pearl in the land of eternity
A fresh touch of stars surrounds them in that warmth
In his arms she feels like cherished in a dream
Run away with him
You run away with him
Your eyes cry set me free
Forever set me free!

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