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Your Love Makes Me Week - text


I spend my working days staring at the phone
Day dreaming minute after minute
Wishing I was home
Where I can kick back, relax
Cause I got what I need
I've waited all my life
For you to set me free
I never knew it could feel this good
Till you showed me that it could

Your love makes me weak
Oooh aaah waiting
I can't even sleep
Oooh aaah cause
I'm waiting for your love
Oooh aaah
To hold me tight
Oooh aaah
All night long
Oooh aaah waiting

Can't stop thinking about
The love from last night
The sun rising up
As we touch the sky
Baby take it easy, slow down
You're rocking my boat
There ain't no hiding place
Where you just can't go
I never knew it could feel this good
Till you told me that it should

[Chorus x2]

(Your love makes me weak)
I'm waiting for your loving (so weak)
I'm thinking of you baby
Each and every minute
Your love makes me weak
I'm yearning with desire
I can't sleep
I need to satisfy ya
Gonna hold on forever
Your love makes me weak

[Chorus to fade]

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