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Treat Me Like A Lady - text


Do you think of me the way I think about you
And all the times you say the words 'I love you'
But you treat me like anything
When you should treat me like a lady
I know you see the things I do for you
But out of all the lonely nights I spend without you
Still you treat me like anything
When you treat me like a lady

You think you can call me when you want
But I don't play that game
You spend your time lying to me babe
Why do you like to deceive me
If you want my love
Come and share with me
If you want my kiss
You better show me bliss you do


The world is spinning round and round
But my life's standing still
It's time for me to settle down
It's time to raise a family
Open up your heart
You can let me in
There's no need to fear
The feelings of our love


Persistence is my game
A good man is my aim
You can be my man
You can even call me babe
Butcha better treat me like a lady
Many come and go
But if you know the code
You can touch my number
And then I'll let you know how'ta
How to treat me like a lady

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