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Sunday Morning - text


I recall that Sunday
The day that we were one
You shattered all my disbelief
When loving had begun
Being intimate with someone
Was something I never knew
Then I found myself in love
So deep in love with you
The stars collapsed
The moon began to fall
I was just in awe from the power of it all
When I saw a tear falling from your eye
I knew it was a special day
And now I realise

Sittin here remembering
That Sunday morning
When you first made love to me
It was so heavenly
Prayed that you would never leave
This Sunday morning
Now would you make love to me
Like that Sunday

Heaven must have sent you
You came and rescued me
Showed me that true love could last
Beyond eternity
Was it just the feel of being close
That made me fall in love
Or the magic of last Sunday
When the skies opened above
The stars collapsed
The moon began to fall
What I was searching for
Was someone I could adore
Now the joy we shared
Lingers in my mind
I knew that it was special
And now I realise


Ooh how you make me feel
You blow my mind
Each and everytime
Ooh the things that you do to me so good
I just can't believe
I can't believe
Sometimes it just don't seem real
You're just what I thought I'd never find
Will you make love to me (love me baby)
Like that Sunday morning

[Chorus to fade]

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