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Grace Under Pressure - text


Every time I see a child without a home of his own
Or a woman struggling to feed her family alone
Or an innocent man found guilty with nowhere to go
Who's to blame?

Who's responsible for making sure the farmer gets his rain?
Why is a victim fighting for each day of his life in vain?
Can a man be guilty when his motives are insane?
Who's to blame?

(What can we do?)
I only wish that I could say
I wish that everything bad would up and go away
(How can we help?)
I wish that I knew how
I wish the love would rain down on me now

Grace under pressure
That's what we need to survive
Just to stay alive, just to stay alive
Grace under pressure
Just a little grace when the going gets tough
That's enough

When your mother tells you, your father didn't care
But she never gave you reasons why he was never there
That a wife and a child were not conducing to his plans
Ask who's to blame? Oh, no

(What can we do?)
I only wish I knew
I wish that everything that's bad would up and go away and leave
(How can we help?)
I only wish I could say
I wish that everything that's bad would up and fly, fly away

(Grace under pressure)
Fly away
All I need is a little pressure
All I need a little grace
(Grace under pressure)
When the going gets rough, that's enough

I'm gonna look to the sky
(Grace under pressure)
Lift my head up high, under pressure
Grace, my Lord grace
(Grace under pressure)
Lift your head up to the sky
(Grace under pressure)

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