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Absent From You - text


Maybe I misunderstood
I thought I was due a reprove
I don't want these feelings to end
But why am I lonely in bed
I cried all my tears on my pillow
Feeling ashamed of my fears
Millions of lies you've told me
Why can't I just pretend

Said you had to go
And now I'm missing you
Been away so long
Now I'm missing you
Had to be this way
Still I cry away
Absent from you

As I watched all my friends play
I'm remembering your games
You took another in my place
While I was away you told her you'd stay
Love's not a game and you ought not to play
Diamonds have never fallen my way
Leave now, just go, keep walking away
You broke my heart in a day

Did it really have to be this way
You upped and left and flew away
And left me with an empty heart
No longer cherishing each night and day
Hoping you'll be by my side
I don't want to pretend my heart's breaking


Text přidal atblatex

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