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I know your demons,
Black messengers of impure faith,
Who are pecking out eyes of the blind
Oh, join my lambs,
Your sins now confess like a weak,
And let me heal the child lost from the path
One lash for thoughts,
The second one for the deeds you have done,
Can you feel the bliss of the divine grace?
And when the last cut,
Lashing across your sinful spine,
You are one of us, the chosen sect
The weakest walk as a madman talks,
The table is set for the feast,
As the fluteman plays a tune for rats,
They join the legion of the beast
Desires so obscene,
Forgiveness one of a kind,
They claim it's not the end,
But in real they are on the way to the rotten paradise
All heil the reborn, the false saint to die for
Taste the sweetest poison,
And face the end.

Text přidal Azazel-Andel

Video přidal DevilDan

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