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Tyrant - Suffer now for the crime an age before
In your shadowed keep you fear the gathering storm
For your slander I repay
An ocean I'd cross, through sands I would ride for my right to bring my wrath upon Tenfold

The pain you serve will be brought upon your own
Forseers warned a false and guarded tongue would serve you well, they're right!
They are the harbors of peace but no peace will be had tonight
An oath is sworn in blood and scorn

Nightmares - Your pillared halls offer quarter in the night, but no rest
It haunts those when their honor falls
By the dawn you'll pay the price, for an ocean I've crossed, through sands I have rode for my right to bring my wrath upon...

Blinded, there is a fire but I cannot see the light
It's burned to ash all that which lived before
For the fallen I repay, reborn in revenge, justice for bonds betrayed
An oath is sworn in blood and scorn

No force will heed my pace
No iron will rend my flesh
before I can deal you a traitor's fate
My ire is my armor

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