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Your Love Is Bad For Me - text


Your love is bad for me
And yet no other lover makes me so insane
Feel so much pain
You don't belong to me
Every time I hear your voice
Or speak your name
I feel the same
Just like the first time we made love after so long
What can I do, can't shake the feeling it's so strong
Your love is bad for me
I know that much is true
But being so bad is what makes it feel so good

Your love is bad for me
I lie awake most every night thinking of you
And what I'd do
If you were here with me
I'd love you till you could no take it anymore
Then you'd walk out the door
But don't you know you always hurt the one you love
And though it's torture baby, I can't get enough
Give me your kiss, give me your heart,
Give me your mind
I'll take whatever you can give me anytime, yeah

No, no, no,
How I love you baby
Sweet baby, you're bad for me
But I don't care
Can't you see.
You're all I want, baby... all I need
And I gotta have you
Your love is bad for me, I know
That much is true
But being so bad is what
Makes it feel so good

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