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Happiness on Earth today
sometimes I see it passing away
through my eyes I see the world so inhibited
But why can't we believe
The ones who spare while others don't care
They cower in their own beliefes
They say they know what you are
They can't see far
they believe only what they can see
The civil men cry
While the guilty men try to appoint a civil code
While hearts so strong
Every man in arms leads to take up the way
(Pre Chorus)
Look outdon't you know
You're deceiving yourself in the madness
You can't go on
You know you can't do it alone
We are unite & strong
We shall always prevail
No Nation shall ever do wrong
We are united & strong
(3rd verse)
The word of truth is what we need
sweet knowledge shall lead the way
Philosophers, Poets, speak how they feel
we should listen to what they say
But now that we hold
The Kingdom of Gold shines brightly in the sun
Stand together in time or what is wrong
Are we gonna lose this race
(Repeat Chorus)

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