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The kingdom of God is destiny
With the top of the Heaven's so high
Burning processes of reality
The ones who care just cry
A wicked leader who stands so bold
An evil sin he creates so cold
A tower erect to his name
The strength of a man who bears such shame
Sinner repent or pay
Fate now stands in your way.
The process now that you have bought
An endless punishment shall be sought
Slaves they work both day & night
Endless labor, endless plight
A Tower of Babel to be built
To reach the heavens by our own will
Burning processed of the clay
A struggled path destiny's the way
Celebrated names of the builders untold
False recognition for both young & old
(Repeat Chorus)
Jehovah speaks so proud, so true
The eternal spell brought to me & you
Oh wicked leader can't you see what he's done
To tamper with mighty kingdom come
We all know, we shall pay for this sin
A severed tongue is now where I begin
Many words confused will be spoke
A sacred oath that's now been broke
(Repeat Chorus)
Shall be sought

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