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Consuming Lies - text

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Hiding stupidity in plain sight,
A sea of clones,
Lead us to the demise of independent thought.
Reaction without questions or diligence, assumption becomes absolute.
Judgement and condemnation on the lips of every hypocrite,
Truth and facts deemed a priori to the cause.
Consuming lies like rats desperate to be fed,
With no regard to the shit they are eating.
Scavenging upon pre-determined content,
To fulfill the target of their own, pre-conceived selves.
The herd mentality gains traction with each passing assimilation
A distraction from reality,
Those empty words upon which everything is said and not done.
Products of a communal conscience that changes with each new fashion,
Bending and morphing in their desperation to become one and the same.
Liberties sold for technological inclusion.
Inviting the shackles to the flesh, for the freedom of mind is already lost.
God is dead, yet there is no drought of the holy.
Self-appointed saints, spouting their ill-conceived rhetoric,
Like moral beacons, casting aspersions with impunity.
Each forgetting that all are but flawed...

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