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Alone in the dark
I feel the enemies come
After all the fight
I welcome the night
Hidden int he shadows
I'm prepared to strike
One mistake and your life will be mine!
Target found, fire that will
Turn off your life
My soul is cursed
The job is done
My gun is my life
i need to keep alive
So I'll return to my homeland!
I work alone
My crew was left behind
Silent hunter they told me once...
Cold minded, and eagle eye
This nightmare has frozen my heart
Adversity may kill me at once tonight
Mission complete
That's the goal of my life
When the snow turns red
A life will meet the end
And once again, I survived
Cause I'm the best
Victory at all cost
Victory, despite of all terrors
Victory, however long and hard
The road may be
Now I stand alone on top
My eyes need some rest
And look back and see what I've done
It's time to rise above the flames

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