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Long time ago
When there was peace on the Earth
There was a lonely man
Who, in the night, hunted the prey
Lost in the shadows
When he smiles he showed the death
Strong like a wild wolf
He used to take lives
Heroes of town
Seek for him until night came
With the hope to protect their lives
But the time for us has come...
For thousand years
I have been suffering this tragedy
With all this rage inside
Trying to get back to life
Don't wait for me
I will rise again
When the sunlight shine no more
My heart beats again
Remember what I've said...
He was in love
With a girl who seemed like him
Two nightmares at the night
Eternal souls born to kill
Lucy my love, he said
One day we will rule the world
But the dream disappeared
When the humans...
Burned Aaron's cave
And condemn his soul to Hell
And she stayed alone waiting for him...
For thousand years
I have waited for you
Crossing through the seven seas
Trying to understand
If everything was in vain
Don't wait for him, he will rise again
When the sunlight shine no more
My heart beats again
I'm forever yours!!!
When the sunlight shine no more!

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