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Desires and mistakes
Put in my way before me every day
They seem to bring new end to this tale
My problems, I can't share that is something
I'd rather not say
My heart has conducted me to his lair
I thought that man was bad
But this brawl got stronger in my mind
Come little thane of mine take my heart
You looked my face again
I wish I could stop but it's too hard
This feeling was the same
I got damned
I finally realized
A fake feeling, a lie
Another spell to cast, and with your smile
Another broken heart
I try to realize my mind is out of me
Now can breathe again
Cause you complete me
Hell is now your life
You better like it
My heart calls your
So I will break it
Take my eyes with you
So I can see how you
Brake your feelings
Now that you've forgotten me
Dry your eyes on me
I'm on my knees for you
Love me, trust me, your lies sicken me...

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