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Perhaps you'll find stupid or even sad
I'm tired of the same old routine
tired of our cheap amusement
that we need to fill our time with

We drive in cars and argue about the weather
fall in love or prepare a divorce
it's like life on standby

so if I had wings I would surely fly

What would I expect from heaven you might ask
a place that's filled with planes and helicopters
it might as busy as a city street
but there's something in there
it's space - a kind of new creativity
I could go any place I want
any time I want
but I sit here and gaze to the sky

so if I had wings I would surely fly

I will not jump out the window to see if it works
maybe there's another way
a stolen moment of the future
that I would use to come away
and while you'll might wonder where I am
I'm hovering somewhere
looking down on beautiful landscapes
with no need to hurry
and no need to cry

so if I had wings I would surely fly

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