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Yes I paint shadows on your blue horizon
I'll make the world go round by watching it
call me dark angel
call me antichrist
I come from the darker regions of your mind
a vicious episode of your life
returning to the world by a sudden moment
lust like a fly on your window
so let me in

I can read your visions
every extremity of your mind
you'll find the force: that's sex
Hungry and restless
lies between your legs and makes you nervous all the time
that's where they invented the cross
hanging there for hours and hours to destroy the beast inside
but look at yourself
the beast is you and that little fly on the window is me
so let me in

upwards and downwards the spiral goes
seek for a constant moment
the beating of your heart

will I paint shadows on your blue horizon ?
You make the world go round by only watching it
dark angel...........antichrist
who knows which episode in your life
may be the one that counts
and like that fly on your window
I'm returning to the world
so let me in

Text přidal KARI

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