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I walk in different stages,different ages
through a timeless place inside
a world of constant changes
just a glimpse of open spaces
forgotten traces
we used to paint so many faces
for everything you’ve ever said and done
you always used to be the one
that spoke out all those phrases
now I’m grounded................
grounded like the man that used to walk on empty highways
different walkways
looking for the master
grounded like the man with no keys to open doors,a racing horse ,while the whole world still goes faster
grounded like a god that ruled the world with just a sword
and now is locked
in halls of alabaster
now I’m grounded
I used to sing I used to laugh to heaven above and used to take a look into your private mindscape
cause nothing comes from nothing that is something
I’ve never believed
just like your fate
everything you’ve ever said and done
you’ve always known you’ll be the one
that could turn my thoughts into shape
Now I’m grounded

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