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Life is pointless without someone to love
even in the strangest moments
I just can't get enough
I wake up in the afternoon
ignore the fairies call
inside I'm so touched by your beauty
you can have it all

I can see your face in the river
but the river is deep and wild
I want to jump into your loving arms
just like a homeless child

Time is running
even in paradise
you just lie there painless
and close your eyes
there's a need for hunger
there's aneed for thirst
in this vulcano of emotion
I just want to burst

I can see....

Radiovoice :

Another dead body found in the river
it isn't clear yet if it's another suicide or a murder case
police stars another investigation

I can see his face in the river
but the river is deep and wild
I see the cry for help in his loving eyes
just like a homeless child
homeless child

Text přidal KARI

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