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When I close my eyes
You are calling in my canyons
I can hear what you're saying
when there's no interference
I'm waiting in the pale light
for a new star to fall
surrounded by the men in white coats
they cannot hear me call
ooh darknesstaker
ohh troublebreaker
Through pills and emotion pictures
I first heard your name
I know that people pray to you
sometimes I do the same
what they never understand
I'm happy in dependency
in the cell that's all around me
I know that you are with me
ooh darknesstaker
ohh troublebreaker
When night arrives
we float out my prison window
And wander through the corridors
practice the unwritten law
then I'm strong like a taifun
in a mindscape black and blue
when I phantazise in fever
I can unite with you
ooh darknesstaker
ohh troublebreaker

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