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Isolation Blue - text


We have let go of this
Nature is no longer on our side
Fighting with it for so long
We eventually wither and die
Struggle has become part of our everyday life
Digging deeper and deeper into rust
Sifting through their ashes
The dead have turned to dust
Multiple realities existing in singularity
A paradox of consequence and unfamiliarity
We eventually wither and die
We've forgot this place and all it's given us
Nature is the host and we are the parasites
Feeding, seeking, and bleeding her dry
Look what has already been done
Generations fallen, look at them
Must we make the same mistakes again
Unbelievable is the adolescence of this world
We know the problem so why not stop this
We do not know, show us
We are the unnatural beings that bring destruction to Everything
If I could only show you.

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