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Andromeda - text


You feed the breathless with your failures
Untamed and blameless
You underestimated my true strength
This sea of lies is decaying youth
Consequence cannot bring restortation
To this lifeless surface and spirit of abrasion
End this
It's not for us to decide
Who are we to control this life
Set to be the end from the beginning
Your eagerness to please yourself has brought out this Disgusting wretch
Distorted is your vision of reality
I intend to break you of this selfishness
Daughter, what have you done
You feed the lifeless with your failures
Daughter, what have you done
I can't believe my eyes
Loved one, where have you gone
Was our relationship built on lies
Every misdirect has become clear to me
So beautiful yet so betraying
You are my flesh
I still love every bit of you
I take responsibility, it's all on me
I have failed you
Now I will face the universe
The remains of your catastrophy
What have you done
Princess of the universe
Daughter of the northern sky
Lady of the Constellation
You are my design
You are my burden, and you are my design
I take responsibility for what is mine
Andromeda, what have you done
My daughter, come back to me.

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