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he was one of the three
born in the forest of iron
from the bloodline of Jotun
the prophecy was told that the three
will bring the end to this world
his sister was sent to the land of the dead
his brother thrown into the sea until the end of days
the eldest of the three in Asgard he thrived and grew to the Jotun of wolves
insidious and strong he spread fear into the heart of the Gods
spawned to end this world
now too strong to kill
the Gods must chain the wolf
with a chain unbreakable
Glepnir the magic chain by the dark dwarves from the land of the black elves
will chain the eldest son of Loki, the wolf of wolves until the end of days
Gleipnir made of
the sound of a cat`s feet
the roots of a mountain
the sinews of a bear
the beard of a woman
the breath of a fish
the spit of a bird

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