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Across the Giants Blood - text


Many long nights of the cold moon has passed
Sheltered from the white with burning fires inside
Dawn has come to the shore of the north
The ice is breaking and black the sea
Speaks to me in its ancient tounge

The ocean the blood of Ymer
The disc of fire have returned to rule

The wind fills my quench for hope
Blood must be given to the God of thunder
To guide us and help us to prevail
The battle against heavy rain to cross the giants blood.

Setting sails on the ship of oaks
Guided by the lights in the sky so black
The fire in my heart shall never extinguish and become dust

The shield line must hold
A chain of shields unbroken
Swords shall swing
With the Gods on our side
Tor give me the strength to strike all down
Bronze horns will sound over the hills
The sound of fear for all those who knows
The men of the north is coming
Oden invite me to your hall if I die

Text přidal DevilDan

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