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The Monolith Of Demons II - text

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I saw thousands of Things.
I lived thousands of Lives.
I died thousands of Deaths.
I made three Steps.
With the Mystical Diamond of Magic
I stabbed my Heart
Covered with the ashes of my Ancestors.
I made three Steps.
I have learned the passion of Death
And understood the heat of Life
And created the New Universe.
I made the last three Steps.
Now I am standing in front of Him.
I am standing in front of my Master.
Now I know the nature of Things.
I became a Magus.
In the Monolith of Demons.
I am the Grandiose Magus !
And so it came about this way. What will happen now? Who will seize the
Force? All of it I know yet. But I must give Things full play. I will not
intervene, everything happens as it should happen, along the endless Spiral
of Time, I just open my Eye of Demon from time to time and I am watching.

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Grandiose Magus

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