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My Father's Message - text

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Everything, that I can’t even imagine, became an awesome reality.
Where should I go ? What was that Force ?
Questions whom I didn’t know the answer showed in my mind.
Therewith I remembered Father’s words, that he pronounced before my departure…
Karndytryxx : „After the neverending age of Tranquility,
the break in the Order itself arrive,
what was, is never more, and what is,
becomes an Unknown.
It comes back, the curse is fulfilling,
the shivers of ice are dancing in fire,
the eyes are changing into dark throat,
the tongues into stone turns,
the skulls full of flames.
The roots are ripped from entrails,
the Universe itself paralyse with dread,
Something awakes, to life endorses,
however it’s not alive,
it’s Overwhelming !“

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