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Freak out - text


Intro:ha ha ha ha. this is doctor trevis, giving a phone call to yall

Funky fuckers

Erick sermon:

Yalll guess what the fuck is going on now

Me and reggie noble, making funk tunes around the global

Cause times keeps on slippin, and I get the funk from the kitchen

Then commits to ass whippin, there is no time for me to bust it

So Im a chill and let red get into a fly poetic justice


Yo, its all in the mind and Im high and I kick it for the do or die

On 2 or 1 area code leavin shit blown

Funkadelic is the one to bring the preacher out the teacher

When I feak em, oooh, yes yall I got the mad method can you catch it?

And if your ear is not tuned in then ajust it

Erick sermon:

Breaker 1-9, breaker 1-9 representin today

Hey, erick sermons on the way

Dre gave me a ride so I gangsta lean while drs will put the smoke in my

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Epmd texty

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