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Do your thing - text



Check it one two (its a party), coming to you live its erick sermon (def

Squad) keith murray, redman. the new type of roll models, oregano,

Cinnamon, all flavors check it out yall, my nigga tone stay up. d-mack

Word up.

Verse 1:

Me and my crew in the benz for a deek, while other peeps trailing me in the

Black jeep

Creepin, on our way to a house party, with no kid n play just a fly dj

It on and poppin and we gettin right, everythings tight

Everyone has a light, I pull up in the place to be, immediatly swarmed

And all of us is armed, its cool like that type of scene, crazy blunt


Girls shaking asses, money makers, video rumpshakes

And niggas with game fast breakin just like the lakers

Its all good if your game is tight, and if you know the scoop dont love

em like snoop

Yeah, the reason why, the girls out there get biz, run like a bunch of wild



Im doin my thing if you feel me do your thing

(do your thang do your thang) (x4)

Verse 2:

Now the scene is set and now Im hype

Im seeing what girls is coming home with me tonight

I spot one on the sofa, sippin juice, with three other girls, sportin pin


I said to myself ''excuse yourself e'', so I went over and put my hand out

Like billy dee

Excuse her from the two girls she was with, macked her put the flava in her

Ear and split

To the side to the other vibe, where it looked live, protected cause my man

Had the 4-5

My boy looked up, asked me if he was hooked up

I said she was shook up, she threw my phone book up

She gave me every phone number that she knew, a girlfriend for you, a

Girlfriend for you (word up)

I stay real, I never perpetrate, cause now adays, falling in love never


Im quick to say fuck a hoe (yeah) yall niggas know, Im strickly for the


Word to god, this is the way that def squad swing, its not just a one day


I represent my style for my peeps, take it to the streets, where we play

For keeps

Have a drink conversate, and pump up your fists and do it like this

Hook (x6)

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