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Boy meets world - text



''i want to know of you, I want to know of you''

Xross breeds in the house representin queens. Im gonna send this out to

Um, those fake so-called keepin it real, ha ha, check it out

Verse 1:

I gets the urge to let loose on shit, bringin the vibe like phife dog and


Midnight black darkness, its the area or place thats destincive enought to


The bass, my tune throughout the room, and if you want it, its here to


Now lets warm things up for instance a witness, as I break it down up in

This sentence

He, who shall not follow the funk shall fall, on they face

Not able to dip di in the place, my style is vintage, doper than any wine

On the market

Mics I spark it, flying tracks is my target, (def squad) I handles my


Without lyrics form jasons, I still gets ill, beeotch

Even from the jealosy I recieve, you cant hold me back I wont retreat

Im determined to be the nicest creation since devices

Or italian ices, no matter what the problem is, I still, ah 1-2, in your

Face like Im biz


Boy meets world ''i want to know of you, I want to know of you.''

I wanna know if you feel me though (x8)

Verse 2:

I believe in the power of the conscience mind

And if you think something then it becomes something like

If I had to battle a whole crew, if I couldnt beat them

Then my conscience would defeat them, yeah

I wouldnt put my career in jeopardy, but I will let something off if these

People keep stressing me

This is madness, I wish I was around when that midnight train to georgia

Picked up gladis

Listen close life is just what you make of it, if you wanna be happy like

Mary j.

Then hey, then get rid of negativity in your circumference

Or outside your realm in mass abundance

Knowing that the industry is fulling up with drama got some hype (fakness

From people of all types)

Even the so-called keepin it real type stars are frauds, get the sword


And the question is asked. who is the fake nigga? who is the fake brother

That is always fuckin up your shit. you wanna know how a niggas fake?

Check it out. sit back and you focus your shit from a general perspective,

And if your shit aint lookin tight, theres a fake nigga in your

Circumference. and thats word is born. for the 9-5 area, cause def squad

Forever, reigning much terror.

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