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Bomdigi - text



Ill just sway...

Thiss the way it goes down

Def squad


Check this here

Verse one:

The e gets wicked, no need for the biscuit

The green-eyed funkdafied brother coming wicked

I sets the party off just like tanqueray

The funk lord, nobody else could swing this way

I put the loc to the motion, drop the funk coast to coast and

I buck like shot, cuz I know I got cha opin

Check the soup, I dogg the mic like snoop

I get swift like h-town, when I knock da boots (daaats right)

Im dynamite with this mic

I show like doug e. and I rock the mic lovely

The afrodesiac, bringin the do-wah-diddy

To your city, on the zapp side with the vibe

Im stone cold like bobby and ralph t

I come with the game of death, without bruce lee

The irregular speakin, for those mcs who be tweakin

Catch me at the beacon just freakin


Brothers cant see me

Cuz my styles the bom- 2x


Brothers cant see me

Verse two:

It goes one for the trouble, two for the show

Aiyyo, Im gettin airplay like the most beautiful

Im the mack, I made goldy turn chrome

When I induce my styles upon the microphone (yeah)

I goes down for yall in broad daylight

Weeded, rockin the mic like ta-dow and psych

Today is a green day, so its blazin

To specify it, I get big-up from jamaicans

Hey, the e-r-i-c-k gets down for the public

More doper than janet jacksons stomach

Ask anybody, whos the dopest producer?

I think of cruise, Im never too much like Im luther

My style is the craziest

No crew is fadin us

You got beef with my squad you better dare that

The shit I kick make rappers say, ''i shoulda snared that''


Verse three:

Complete this puzzle, what squad beat up like russell simmons

And more flyer than robin givens

Cosmic slop, from the darkside

Basically, I cant wait, songs from the redman tape

(and make much sense when hes kickin fool) cause I constantly keep shitting

And yall constantly keep listening

Yeah, who can it be now, watch out

Flying through the air with wings e double doing my thing


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