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Epic Lloyd - DSFH - Jason and Ramone - text

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This story is shittier than a used pair of depends!
A dude's betrayed then bullied by his two best friends!
And just when he's tryin' to live his life openly? GAH!
Now let's see what happens when you push me!
You want to feel hate? Fine! You can have it!
I spit dark and cold as the deep space between planets!
Derek saw a chance to be brave so he grabbed it!
Then y'all turned your back on your friend like some faggots
You'll be happy to know I'm comfortable telling you
That this F-Bomb dont belong to you no more like it used to!
It's a man with no spine no pride no respect
And it don't describe Derek! Nope, not one bit!
But i ain't heard a better term for the 2 of you yet
So take those weak words back like a smack in the face, dicks!
And those other insults that you utter
Why dont ya pick something a little better than butt lover?
I'll shoot your un-unique disses down like Duck Hunter
Y'all about as soft as some nut butter
Not a discriminator when it comes to stomping some haters
I've been the same way since i was a 6h grader!
Who gives a fuck if it's a choice?
Who gives a fuck if it's not?
It's none of your business either way so you can shut the fuck up
And props to Sammy! Good friends are hard to find!
You got balls girl! More than these 2 pussies combined!
And yo, Big Cuz Nick you da shit man, dig?
The type of kid that I could be totally cool with!
So here's a recap! It's a quick flash photo!
Derek come out like YOLO
He chose to Tell 2 Bros named Jason and Ramon-o
They go Homo-phobo like a pair of fake Cholos!
EpicLLOYD's like No-no then i beat you like the Popos!
I'll leave your brains swoll till all you can say is Hodor!
I'll rip your faces off like the Misfits logo!
Now these Mofos right here have been Dis Rapped Fo sho!

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