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Epic Lloyd - DRFH - Southwest High - text

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Believe The Hype! Ill Wreck Ya Life!
Its Not A Typo! Fear EpicLLOYD Is Right!
Say Goodnight! Your Plights Right Before Your Eyes!
I Bring the Gruesome Demise Of Southwest High!
Man, Dis Raps For Hire Bout To Hurt Your School Pride!
I Recommend You Stay Inside!
Cuz you'll Get Battered And Slain, Shattered And Maimed
You Ever Cop An Attitude Again At Soccer Saturday Games!
LEAVE?! Can you Believe The Balls On This Prick?
You Can Direct Your mouth To Athletically Suck my Dick!
Man, You Rich Art Snobs Can Learn It Straight From me!
If Your ALL Douche Bags You Can't Claim Diversity!
Ima Hurt Me, Some Preppy Pukes Who Get Chirpy
Thats Right Filth! Because South Keeps It DIRTY!
YA HEARD ME?! If You Get Wordy
We'll Stomp you Like you Tried To Break through Airport Security!
So K-lo, Keep Your Head Up, that Schools Just mad
Cuz Southwest Is Just South With Some Added Crap!
Ill Take the Piss Outta You Punks In The First Bottle I Find!
Toss It Back At You, But It won't Be Water In Mine!
You'll Learn In A Hurry Which School Is Better, But Dont Worry!
Me And My Friends Won't Offend You All, Just the Majority!
And As Our, Greatest Enemy Exits This World
We'll Cheer Suck It! Sincerely, All Of Us Girls!

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