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Epic Lloyd - DRFH - Momma Meatcalf - text

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Yo get back, it's Momma Metcalf
So badass she fliped the script on Dis Raps
Rat-ta-tat-tat, no gats
That's just the sound bones make when punks get their necks cracked
So crazy, she hangs with insane peeps
And shuts shit down when head cases get angry
I gotta spit flows that are hotter than lava
If'n I wanna give props to this awesome momma
So hard she births kids clad with sticks and armor
No drama not-a-drop for this security officer
Cause lady ain't the type of chick you wanna fight with
She's a stone cold killer, even Conan likes this
I ain't playing, she running with the criminally insane
Immune to Dis Raps so much I had to change the name
Yo mama jokes about Else, they all start the same
Yo mama so... *gags*... then they just end in pain
Cause just her name in your mouth will choke you out, man
She's like a 4-foot-nine little version of Bane
Elsie, mum to one Leon Crosby
She tear more ass than cheap T.P.
Dear Momma, you got a fan in your son, brung a man in the world by the name Leon
Dear Momma, this is for everyone, wanna show the whole world we know where we're from
Dear Momma, you got a fan in your son, brung a man in the world by the name Leon
Dear Momma, this is for us as much as him
Ma, show us the grin!
About them skateboard joints that get your mom's annoyed
I say as long as you're employed, yo it's all your choice
At least you're moving dog, you could be old and fat
I'm 30 plus spitting raps (Boy, you too old for that!)
That broken ankle must have been painful
Stick fighting will come in handy when your working with your cane, bro, so be thankful
There's an endless amount of assholes to be torn
And next year I'll be back to rip into some more of 'em
But today I got love for Ms. Metcalf
And ma'am, please don't get distracted how I spit these raps
My attacks shouldn't ruin the meaning
For some reason, in front of this background I need to be screaming
So stand up ya'll, push them shoulders back
Respect, mothafuckas ain't too old for that
Cause you only get one mom, and you know when she's gone
You're gonna wish that you had wrote her a song
So get on it!

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