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Epic Lloyd - DRFH - Jennifer - text

playlist karaoke

Check one, two! It's L back with some fresh Dis Raps for you!
I got to rip these fools! Cause certain things you just don't do! You just don't do!

Jennifer, I'm coming for you with my pens ablazin'
EpicLLOYD had been deployed to pay you for your treason
What are you thinking? This story is crazy
I wanna stop rhyming and just be like what the fuck lady?!
And I'm not into hatin' women cept these super selfish kind
I'd sacrifice a slice of brain to give you a piece of my mind
Plus djvap would patch me up again and I would be fine
So I can bitch this chick out several thousand times!
I mean, talk about ball and chain. Jen came with a crane!
She's a true homewrecker, straight earnin' the name!
I can't believe that's how you treat your high school sweetheart!
You go and sleep with some fat, dead, beat retard?!
While your man's out in the desert sonewhere probably gettin' bombed
And sewing other fallen soldiers' arms back on?!
That's wrong, so shit! Ain't this a pisser?
When I got asked to dis her, I was like sir, yes sir!

And dude, fuck you too! I hope the chick never puts out and your balls turn blue!
Stay out the service too! If I was a combat medic. I'd have left you!

I mean, when your own sibling rats you out, you gotta dismiss her.
Sorry DJ, you unwittingly married the wrong sister.
But congrats. If you asked me to find a crazier girl, I couldn't
Vap's back fron Iraq, but he's still dodging bullets!
And it's not your fault, dawg. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do
Cept throw your hands up in the air like that dude from Platoon!
And be like bitch get out! You're done being my spouse!
So take your new kid and get the hell out of my house!
And no wonder she showed at Thanksgiving. She's broke for real!
Got two jobless mouths to feed and that free turkey's a meal!
But that's the bed you made, girl, now sleep where you shit!
But set your alarm so you can wake up to work your next double shift!

And that's my point of view! You wanna walk a mile in his shoes? Use his army boots!
And it's a golden rule! If you're gonna cheat, your bad deeds will come haunt you! (Boo!)

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