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Were All Alright - text


From a little red limousine
To a sizeable subway car.
Like a picture in a magazine
To a painting in a local bar.
And every hill has a little clue,
Can tell you so many different things.
Take the heart of the things we do
And try to hold what the future brings.
It's all alright. We're all alright.
It's all alright. We're all alright.

In the park by the kiddy rides,
The papers hollerin' show and tell,
Although the top running down the sides
Was a flavor you could not smell.
In every holy little house of prayer
Of the colorful refugee,
And by the color tone of your hair
You can create who you want to be.

Repeat Chorus.

The solution is a puzzle piece,
Doesn't fit to the part at hand.
Can determine what becomes of these
But cannot start 'til we understand.
The information on the subway wall
Is all the reference you'll ever need.
You can relax 'til you've got the ball,
Then run 'til your tennies bleed.

Text přidala Hysterix


Enuff Z' Nuff texty

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