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So very long, the years.
Hiding behind the fears,
Of doing our own things so fast,
We took the days, we made them last.
And I know that we let it go way out of line,
But the main thing is hey,
We didn't lose our minds.
So good (so good). So fine (so fine).
I will never let it leave my mind.
I'll remember these days
For the rest of my life.

Long kisses in the halls.
Wasted behind the stalls.
Our chicks were hot, our cars were fast.
We took the days, we made them last.

Repeat Chorus.

We take the weekends
And throw them away.
We're cheek to cheek
When there's nowhere to stay.
The keg is cold and we're ready to play,
oh these days.

Text přidala Hysterix

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