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Still Have Tonight - text


Today we finally said the words
That we would soon be saying goodbye.
Suddenly beside ourselves
And we can't imagine even why,
And we face the fact that we can't turn back
But there's one thing we can do.

Maybe if we leave it alone,
Maybe if we turn out the lights.
Even if the feeling is gone,
Maybe we can still have tonight.

Boxes on the closet shelf,
Some are yours and some are mine.
But some belong to both of us
And remind us of a better time,
But it's just that fate says it's too late,
But there's one thing we can do.

Repeat Chorus.

Something that you still should know,
That I will still be loving you,
And looking in your puppy eyes
I'm so torn and don't know what to do,
But I know one thing, that our bells won't ring
'Til we both find something new.

Text přidala Hysterix

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