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We've been together for such a long time.
We said we'd never let it unwind.
But you've been breaking all the rules now,
And I've been faking, like I'm some fool now.
This ain't no home here, not it should be.
I feel alone here, not like I could be.
So long.
I know I'm leaving you,
The feeling's kind of through babe.
So long.
Do you think that I'd
Forget everything you do, babe?
So long.
So long.

So many late nights I've waited for you,
Yntil the daylights, you're such a whore, you,
You left me three times and all for others.
Come back with sweet lines,
I hope your mother's
Proud of her little girl who left her family,
To start her own world, I hope you're happy.

Repeat Chorus.

We've tried and you've lied and denied and I've cried for so long.

If you don't love me why do you stay here?
You feel above me in every way, dear.
So down below you. I'll take my chances,
I'll find a love true, find what romance is.
You used to move me, I have to say now,
But you don't suit me in anyway now.

Text přidala Hysterix

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