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We've got our troubles and we know it,
We've got a threat in our lives.
Sometimes so strong we can't control it,
Oh how we ever survived.
We need some things to bring us up,
And then some things to bring us down.
That's the one thing about love,
It'll always be around.

I'll be right by your side,
When the gray turns to blue.
I'll be right by your side,
For the rest of my life.

Some days the whole thing seems much clearer,
Some days are better than some.
As we grow farther we grow nearer.
Oh honey, I'll be the one.
The one to take you by the hand,
And take you where you want to go.
Who'll try to make you understand,
And show you things you've gotta know.

Repeat Chorus.

I just want you to know now,
I'll never let you go now.
I needed you to see,
Just what you mean to me.
I just want you to feel
What's waiting here is real,
I'll be right by your side.

Text přidala Hysterix

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