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Well baby take a look at you now,
It seems that you've been shattered somehow,
I see you always walking around
With a long face singing the blues.
But if I ever see you again,
I feel it true your heart I'll defend,
'Cause honey you can always depend,
Your whole life I'll be true.
Every little move I make,
getting you away from that loser.
Every little move made,
Is one step closer to you.

You never even known where he's been,
Or see the pile of trouble you're in,
'Cause from the outside looking on in,
It's a no win, win or lose.
'Cause nothing's ever as real as it seems,
So don't you fall apart at the seams.
If nothing else you'll see what I mean,
It's a choice that you can choose.

Text přidala Hysterix

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