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The fun is gone and I'm lonely again.
I've work at nine and it's quarter to ten.
I feel my heart put to the test,
I see my life, I've made a mess.
But miles and miles of lines
Are left to follow.
Wonder what or where I'll be tomorrow.
Don't ask me how I got this way,
I see it growing every day.

Mr. Jones is in command now.
Everything I do is not up to me.
Mr. Jones is who I am now,
Don't let him get to you,
He's taken over me.

Tears and sweat join and run down my face.
Terror striking all over the place.
And all the ones I've loved so much,
Have gone away, they're out of touch.
But still there's miles of lines
Left to follow.
Take me through the light
If there's tomorrow.
My eyes are red, they turn to blue.
And it's too bad to be true.

Text přidala Hysterix

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