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Mothers Eyes - text


Isn't it wrong and isn't is strange
that a man goes by the color of his face?
And isn't it time we've drawn the line
And decided to become a human race, yeah?

Behind that mother's eyes,
What makes a man so tough,
That he don't care
if anybody lives or dies?
Give him some love,
Give him some love.
(It might save your life)

Night after night I say the same prayer,
And if anybody's listening out there,
Give it a break, it's all give and take.
But the taking and giving isn't fair, yeah!

Repeat Chorus.

I'm just a man who don't understand,
Why is one man not just like another man.
Nothing can change 'til we arrange
All of life's important fingers on one hand, yeah.

Text přidala Hysterix

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