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Make Believe - text


I know I'm not in your heart,
Our thing together's all wiped out now.
I've seen it all fall apart,
Now everything is filled with doubt, now.
Before you go on your way,
There's something I'd like to say.
Baby could we make believe,
That I'm still your man for the night,
If you care for the night?
Baby could we make believe,
That we're in love once again
'Cause I'm needing a friend?
Make believe.

We were lovers for oh so long,
But time just wasn't good, it wasn't.
I don't know where I belong,
Don't even know just where or what, yeah.
But if I've gotta set you free,
Would you do one thing for me, now?

Repeat Chorus.

Tomorrow you're on your own,
Tonight I can't be alone.

Text přidala Hysterix

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