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Holly Wood Ya - text


Today I gonna send the papers,
Tomorrow gonna blow it off.
Then I'm gonna show the neighbors
I've finally had enough
Of livin' on paper money
When the paper ain't thick enough.
To pay the price of lovin' something
I just don't seem to love.
Holly wood ya be my merry-go-round?
In this hard stone cold world
That's got my feet on the ground.
And all the season
Taste bad in my mouth
And it's got me down.
Holly wood ya.

I haven't got time for wondering,
Ain't making no time for hope.
I've gotta be doin' something
Instead of getting hooked on dope.
Got me over the barrel
But I feel like standing up.
Life ain't always fair now baby,
Controlling your own luck.

Repeat Chorus.

Hollywood ya try to keep my head on right?
Hollywood ya fill my hungry appetite?
Oh Holly could I find the fruit
And take a bite?
You've got to stand here in my corner
As I win this fight.

Text přidala Hysterix

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