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Has Jesus Closed His Eyes - text


Now everything's gone wrong.
You know it's sad but true.
If nothing comes along,
There ain't nothing we can do.
The world we used to know
Is now a memory.
The only things that grow
Are cries for sympathy.
Holding out our hands
For the reasons why.
Could it be that nobody
Feels the blame?
Oh, how can so many try
To make a better world
And it stays the same?

Has Jesus closed His eyes
On His once loved family?
Do angels in the skies
Bring pain and misery?
Soon will come the rain,
It'll wash us all away.
Has Jesus closed His eyes
On the world today?

I hear my mother speak
Of when she was a child.
We didn't have the freaks
And things weren't quite as wild.
But now she prays a lot
From watching her TV,
So glad for what she's got
While seeing how it can be.
Little starving lives
Hold a certain fate,
Maybe could survive
For another day.
On five dollars a week,
Your telly makes you give
So you feel okay.

Repeat Chorus.

So hoping you enjoy
Just what life brings to you,
Oh, and try not to destroy
The hearts you know are true.
Try to keep in mind
That we all are one.
Right down to through line
We'll be all the same.
Black and white,
Who cares what it's done?
It's just a waste of time
Playing color games.

Repeat Chorus.

Sisters and brothers.
He don't see no colors.
You've got to look out for one another.
Has Jesus closed His eyes
On the world today?

Text přidala Hysterix

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