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Pretty woman drive me out of my head,
She said a lot of things she shouldn't have said
And I know the feelings for her in my heart are dead,
'Cause now we're sleeping separate beds.
Now that the blue's turned to gray,
Now that our hearts long to stray.
There's nothing warm,
There's nothing true.
With every staged kiss goodnight,
I guess it's better than suicide.
Not touching me,
Not touching you.
Now that time has took it's toll on our love
And there is no magic in it left,
And the only words that I can think of
Are goodbye, babe.

Why should I care what you do?
After the pain we've been through.
It may be all
We've shared as two.
And Ii know it's easier to stay
but we've got to walk away.
It's killing me,
It's killing you.

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Video přidala Hysterix

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