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Fly Away - text


I know it's raining in your heart,
And you've been drowning in your tears.
And though you hate to be apart...

If there's a Heaven up above,
Why spend another day in Hell?
Who says you have to be in love?
You're crying in your wishing well.

Just fly away.
Fly away.
The cage is broken,
All you need is faith
and a little bit of open sky,
To fly away.

You're not in love, you're in denial.
(It is so you can't deny it)
I get confused sometimes myself.
(The world is a confusing place)
Where is your pretty little smile?
(The one you used to use on me?)

I see it trembling away,
I see your body giving up.
So glad you're calling it a day,
You're telling me you've had enuff.

Repeat Chorus.

And now you're salvaging what's left.
(Can you pick up the pieces?)
Well don't you think that it's too late.
(You may have waited a bit too long)
For all those years, what did you get?
(What'd you get for your misery?)

If there's a Heaven up above,
Why spend another day in Hell?
So few were meant to be in love,
I'm not lying when I wish you well.

Text přidala Hysterix

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