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Aint It Funny - text


Ain't It Funny He couldn't go on.
Every dream inside his wish is so golden.
It didn't take long
For the demons in his mind to unfold him.
With everything wrong,
Kinda feelin' like somebody had sold him.
The finger points on,
'Cause it rolled the way that everyone told him.
Ain't it funny how you feel like dying?(3X)
Ain't it funny how you feel like chokin'?

She's holdin' her head.
Feeling stupid, feeling old and so ugly.
So sweet in her bed.
See her huddlin' her covers so snuggly.
No lovers today.
In fact there wasn't yesterday or tomorrow.
She's never been laid.
Showing all her bitterness and her sorrow.

Ain't it funny how you feel like dying? (3X)
Ain't it funny how you feel like exploding?...

I shouldn't go on.
Everyday's another reason for dying.
I've sat here so long.
Cannot even find a reason for trying.
I'm feeling so numb.
Noticed lately I ain't even been lying.
I ain't got no gun.
I just walk around the living room crying.

Repeat Chorus #1 Twice.

Ain't it funny how you feel like unloading?

Text přidala Hysterix

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